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The biggest challenge with any idea is execution.  Everyone has the next million dollar idea.  It’s those individuals who can execute on an idea that are extremely valuable.  Few pointers on how you can make your idea come to life.

1) Start small.  Don’t try to boil the ocean at one time.  Come up with a list of what needs to be done to start your idea and start slowly getting each item done.  You have to start somewhere, the key is to just start.

2) Solicit feedback from others.  Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of friends and family.   Ask for their honest feedback, good or bad.

3) Master your pitch.  You have to be able to tell people your idea in a compelling way.  If you can’t do this and make it convincing, then maybe you need to rework your idea.  It should be simple and easy to explain.

4) Prototype your concept.  There are tools on the market that will let you prototype your concept before you spend to much time and money developing it.   Check out a tool called Axure.  it’s affordable and fairly easy to learn.

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