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Software visualization, also referred to as just “visualization,” is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing and most widely talked about technologies within IT today. Visualization is the process by which software applications are defined “visually.” I stress the word “visually” because traditional methods have, until now, dictated that software is defined “textually.” The process of visualization makes use of specialized tools that allow project teams to quickly define user interfaces, as well as user interactions, without writing any programming code.

Visualizing software is a relatively new concept. One of the precursors to visualizing software was prototyping, however prototyping is now going the way of the dinosaurs in terms of its usefulness and cost effectiveness. The primary distinctions between visualizations and prototypes revolve around who creates them and when in the lifecycle they occur. Visualizations are made to be highly collaborative and easy to modify based on changing requirements and project demands. Competition has also driven companies to think about developing software faster and cheaper and finding new ways to do it. The need for enhanced user experience has also been a driving force behind this trend. As consumers demand more from their interactions with software, the need for more user-friendly applications has grown exponentially. Technology has also become so advanced over the past 10 years that just about anyone can develop software. Both large and small companies are now able to compete at the same level in terms of bringing their ideas to market faster than ever before. This dynamic has changed organizational priorities so companies can now focus on how to be more nimble. Also, barriers-to-entry have lessened due to these advancements. The evolution of visualization is playing a key role in these trends because it is equipping companies with the ability to quickly develop concepts and ideas in less time and at lower costs.

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